Executive MBA Programs: Find the Right Option for You

What Is an Executive Master of Business Administration Degree?

An executive MBA (EMBA) is a graduate-level business administration degree earned through a program designed specifically for students who are working professionals with experience in senior and mid-level positions. The top executive MBA schools attract a wide variety of students who have backgrounds in fields from entrepreneurship to engineering. In the best executive MBA programs, this variety leads to rich programming centered on finance, accounting, marketing, globalization, strategic thinking, and leadership.

What’s the Difference Between an MBA and EMBA?

The biggest difference between these two programs is that an EMBA program is targeted toward students who already have a full-time job. The program allows students to study without taking time out of their work schedule. Many of the students in an EMBA program have at least five years of workplace experience, and they are usually older than the typical MBA student. It’s not uncommon for an MBA student to enter the program immediately after obtaining an undergraduate degree, whereas EMBA students gain work experience before entering the program. An EMBA program places a strong emphasis on leadership skill, and the students in these programs enroll with the hopes that earning their degree will help them get promoted to an executive-level position. An EMBA program tends to be more expensive than an MBA program, but it’s very common for an employee to sponsor all or some of the cost of an EMBA program. An EMBA program is both valuable and convenient for people with full-time jobs, and students can save further time and money by enrolling in an online executive MBA program. All EMBA programs have schedules with classes on weeknights and weekends, but an online program can add even more flexibility.

What Kinds of EMBA Programs Are There?

Another area in which MBA programs and EMBA programs differ is a lack of specialization. The purpose of enrolling in an EMBA program is to receive a generalized education in leadership that prepares experienced students for top management positions. MBAs offer more chances for specialization, so the choice of which program is right for you will largely depend on your goals. If you are having difficulty in choosing executive MBA programs online, take a look at their course selections to determine which program will be the best match for you.

How Can I Benefit From an EMBA?

There are so many advantages to studying at one of the top executive MBA schools. Enrollment is correlated with promotions, and many students receive company sponsorship. This is evidence that employers find EMBA degrees desirable. Because students are able to continue working while pursuing their degree, they receive an immersive experience that can connect with their current job and offer relevant new ideas, experiences, and support from their staff and fellow students. Although the flexible scheduling allows students to continue to work full-time, the degree is completed in less time than it takes part-time students to earn an advanced degree. Combine this with the network of peers who can share their expertise and there’s no doubt that your career can thrive if you earn an executive MBA online.

Who Is a Good Fit for an EMBA?

If you’re still unsure about whether you would be a better fit for an MBA or an EMBA, here are a few other factors to take into consideration. Professionals who fit one of these characteristics are an excellent fit for an EMBA program.

  • People who want to expand their knowledge. An EMBA introduces students to many new people who work in a huge variety of businesses. If you want to broaden your business knowledge and learn more about fields outside of your own, an EMBA is a great choice.
  • People experiencing change in their industry. So many businesses are in a constant state of flux. Enrolling in an EMBA program can give a new perspective on your business and inform you of industry trends, and it allows you to examine a problem in your industry from a new perspective, inspiring you to make innovative changes.
  • People who love a challenge. Know that enrolling in an EMBA program is rigorous work that requires a significant time commitment. Students in these programs are very busy: They must be productive and possess great time management skills. For people who t